We are working with one of our world’s truly natural and renewable resources and the long-term supply of timber products is one of our company’s key areas of concern.

As part of our commitment to the protection and sustainability of the environment and the world we live in we fully research each supplier and country we source wood products from to ensure our products are from legal sources and there is traceability and secure government legislation in place.

Working with one of our world’s truly natural and renewable resources

Important facts:

  • Trees take Co2 from the atmosphere, capture it and produce oxygen in return
  • For every tonne of Co2 a tree absorbs from the atmosphere, nearly 3/4 of a tonne of oxygen is produced
  • Timber is naturally renewable, non toxic and an organic building material
  • 75% of the energy used in the production of wood products comes from recovered wood or wood residues
  • Timber is effectively a carbon neutral material
  • Using wood instead of other building materials saves an average of 0.9 tonnes of Co2 per cubic metre. Every timber frame house saves 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide
  • We take our responsibilities seriously and we aim to source our products from legal and environmentally sustainable sources

As part of our commitment to ensuring we have a solid environmental policy, as well as being members of certain trade associations. Please contact us for information about our certified products.

We are confident that our suppliers are drawing their raw material from responsible sources which includes State owned Forests, Private Forest owners, and local forestry cooperatives where felling and replanting is done strictly in accordance with the country laws and in turn conform to the respective government stated environmental laws as well as voluntary environmental schemes. These laws have been in place for more than 100 years in many countries. Replanting is required and consideration for the variety of plants and wild life is a key objective. Forests are well managed, part of Plantation Forest
Management units and on average for these areas the cutting rotation is around 80 years.

We always try to use as environmental friendly alternatives as possible when it comes to production, wrapping and transport of our products.

The environment is important to our company and we constantly look to maintain and improve ourselves.