Construction Timber Products

Our products are sourced from Sweden, Germany, North America and Russia. We can offer :-

Unseasoned Timber for general building and fencing

Sawn, Kiln Dried Graded C16-C24 Carcassing in dimensions from:
44 and 47 x 75-300mm
75 and 100 x 75-300mm
for floor, wall and roof construction

Planed or Regularised Kiln dried, Graded C16-C24 Carcassing from:
44 and 47 x 75-300mm
75 and 100 x 75-300mm

Pressure treated carcassing treated with Osmose ACQ 500 Naturewood or equivalent available

Special long lengths and section sizes in Unseasoned and Kiln Dried Carcassing in sizes from:
47, 75, 100, 200, 300mm – 5.4-6.0 metres and and 6.6-8.4 metres

CLS -Stud Product – Planed all round 4 eases edges product
50 x 75/50 x 100mm – Lengths 2.4, 3.0, 4.8 metres – We can supply other lengths

Roofing battens/laths pressure treated:
19 x 38, 25 x 38, 25 x 50mm

Above is a small summary of sizes available – please send over an enquiry with your exact requirements.