About Northwood Forest Products International Limited

We are a leading specialist in sourcing, manufacturing, financing, shipping/logistics, and the supply of timber and related wood products, which we market to a number of clients in the wholesaling and industrial segments of the industry in the UK and other European countries.

We work closely with our clients and supplier partners and offer a comprehensive range of quality solid and bespoke timber component products and panel products from reliable and environmentally responsible countries of supply.



“The foundation of our culture and philosophy is based on partnership, a clear, open and trusting working relationship.”

We believe this will lead to increased knowledge and understanding, greater success and long-term profitability for our clients, suppliers and our own company.

Our clients keep coming back to us, as they say they like the friendly and efficient personal service and attention to detail we offer, from an initial enquiry through to the final delivery.

In today’s modern and fast changing business, we constantly evaluate our existing product portfolio and continually research to develop new products to purchase and supply from current and new countries of supply based on the following key criteria within our business values: Environmental, Legal, Social, Quality, Reliability and Service.

If you are a company looking to work with a company you can trust, we would be delighted to hear from you, and please feel free to contact us.